How to write better content… that people can actually read.

Want to write better? I’ve got eight seconds to get your attention, so I’ll make this quick.

Writing engaging content doesn’t have to be complex. But it must be significant.

Use these three techniques to help keep your readers coming back for more.

3 tips to write better for readable content

  1. Simple Language

First off, you have to sound like a real-life HUMAN being. This is especially important in the age of AI-generated content.

Write in a simple, conversational style and you’ll make your content more approachable for your readers. You need to convince them that your content will be useful to them. If they need a dictionary to make sense of your first paragraph, then you’ve already lost them.

Here are a few examples of complex words and the simple alternatives you can swap them for:

Utilize → USE
Facilitate → HELP
Incorporate → ADD or INCLUDE
Establish → SET UP or BUILD
Stakeholders → PEOPLE INVOLVED

Remember, readers have short attention spans. Don’t let your word choices be the reason they decide to stop reading your content.

TIP: A good question to ask yourself is, “Would I use this word if I was talking to a person?”

  1. Skim Reader Friendly

Great, you created an amazing headline and managed to buy yourself another ten seconds of the reader’s time. How are you going to keep them reading beyond the first paragraph?

The truth is your audience will SKIM READ.

So, how can you help skim readers ABSORB what you need them to know?

  • Highlight the main points – use sub-headings and lists.
  • Write shorter sentences – aim for a max of 15 words.
  • Write shorter paragraphs – try to cap them at 3 lines.
  • Let an important sentence have its own line.
  • Bold or underlined text* – do this to highlight key words or phrases.

*For online communications such as emails, only underline text you intend to hyperlink.

Do these things to help create some glorious WHITE SPACE around your text.

Your copy becomes instantly easier to skim read. 

  1. Avoiding Errors

Seems obvious, right? But it can’t be overstated how important it is to double and triple-check your writing before publishing it. A single misspelling or random typo can be a reputation killer for a professional writer.

Here are a few suggestions to make sure your completed work is flawless:

  • Read it out loud – Not only does this help you find misspellings or missing words, but it will also let you know if your writing flows naturally off the tongue.
  • Read it backwards – This exercise doesn’t allow you to skim read your work, and that’s the point. You’re forced to read every word on its own. Misspellings and typos will stand out more clearly.
  • Leave it and come back later – Close the laptop. Go for a walk. Take a nap. Now come back to your content. Now you’re ready to transition from writing eyes to reading eyes.
  • Get someone else to read it – This one piggybacks on the previous suggestion. A fresh pair of eyes is a must when reviewing your content. Find someone you trust to review your work. My go-to person is my wife, and she never passes up the opportunity to point out areas where I can improve. 😊

In summary, writing content that resonates involves more than just coming up with an original idea. It requires understanding your audience, respecting their time, and presenting information in a way that is both accessible and engaging.

Use these three techniques to write better content—simple language, skimmability, and error avoidance. You’ll not only capture your readers’ attention but also keep them coming back for more.

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